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Kidney Failure in Dogs.


The dog is subject to many problems of health. The kidney is a vital organ in case of a dog. The kidneys play an important role in the survival of the dog. In case, the dog eats contaminated food, it can affect its kidneys. The kidneys are the important organs that help to maintain the blood chemicals.

The kidneys act as the filtration system for many waste products. These products pass through the urine of the dog. The kidneys also assist in the balance of certain chemicals in the blood of then dog. When the kidney failure happens to the dog, the dog cannot filter the toxins through urine. This results in the further build up of the toxins and the waste. This lands the dog in trouble and it embraces grave.

There are many reasons of the kidney failure of the dog. The toxins and some hereditary reasons are responsible for the kidney failure of dogs. The kidney failure can also happen because of different types of infections that the dog can catch. As per the association of the veterinary doctors, the acute kidney failure of dogs happens because of the rapid onset of ozotemia. This can start from hours to days to few weeks. This can threaten the life of the dog.

The kidney failure of the dog is associated with some symptoms. The dehydration is the primary symptom. Under this condition, the dog drinks the water more than normal. Another symptom of kidney failure is that the dog urinates more than normal. In case, the dog urinates less than normal, it also is a symptom of kidney failure.

In many cases, the dog does not urinate at all. This also becomes the symptom of kidney failure in case of a dog. In case of kidney failure, the dog suffers loss of appetite. The dog also is subject to vomiting at times. The dog feels lethargic and catches the diarrhea. The condition of the coat of the dog becomes poor. The dog has a stiff gait when the dog walks. It is important to contact expert in case the symptoms persist.


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